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Gallery Folders

ColorMe Unicorn by AndromedasWitchery
Lady Amalthea Last Unicorn by Kittycatjorjor
Sorrow by Red-IzaK
And in the lilac forest was a unicorn (sold) by Finya-Vardeen
Traditional Art
Frisky Foxy by Snarkyandbarky
Vivienne's Art: The Element of Water (Unicorns) by VivienneCorner
Vivienne's Art: The Element of Air (Unicorns) by VivienneCorner
Vivienne's Art: The Element of Earth (Unicorns) by VivienneCorner
Digital Art
Love Muffler by Pristine1281
MLP - The Last Swirlicorn by BambisParanoia
[MLP] Chain Smoker (PC) by AmberPone
[MLP] Magnolia Bloom (Contest Entry) by AmberPone
running lights by AquiloniusLupus
hunting for stars, by AquiloniusLupus
Where The Nothern Lights Take Me by TigerStriped4
Eyes Of The Stars by marionettees
Models, Sculptures, Dolls
Princess Twilight Sparkle 2016 Auction by VIIStar
Last Unicorn 15 inches by Valmiiki
OOAK Unicorn Art Doll Sculpture by M-J-Albert
needle felted Unicorn 'Clouds Dream' by Finya-Vardeen
Winter unicorn I by LunarFerns
Winter unicorn II by LunarFerns
Winter unicorn III by LunarFerns
Bright unicorn tote bag by Esseld
Non-Equine Unicorns
the last nebnomicorn by DidTheSqd
MH4U - Oroshi Kirin by AndromedasWitchery
Commission 3 - With You by VanyCat
Junicorn by swandog
Anthro Unicorns
STARCORN: Nero by Einhornprinz
Why such anorexy, Celestia?! by SouppyMan
my fursona again by Einhornprinz
Berrycake by Kirbypuff326
Character or Species Design
Blackmist 2 by horse14t
Lady Harvest of The Cherry Trees by FireEmber345
fresh from summerset isle by bigbuffmonster
All angles by Tarakas
Contest Winners
Africa Unicornis by Sieskja
Nyalacorn by Blackwolfoffireworks
majestical girafficorn by blackmustang13
The Unicorn and the Kelpie by Leashe










Unicorn Club Rules

This is a group for anybody who loves or likes unicorns! You don't have to draw unicorns to be in this club, you just have to love them. If you're a unicorn artist, you can display your art in our gallery. You can submit your art if it has something to do with unicorns, including anthro-unicorns and alicorns :)

General Rules
:bulletred: To join the club just click "Join our Group" at the top of this page!

:bulletred: Once you're part of the club, you can display our icon in your profile by installing the "Groups" widget.

:bulletred: To post art here, go to the Gallery tab at the top of the page, and hit "Submit to this Gallery." Then choose the correct folder to submit to. You are limited to 3 submissions a day. Mature content is not expressly forbidden, but please keep in mind that people of all ages watch this group, so use the filters appropriately. We discourage images that promote hate or harm towards, or by, unicorns, since the group is for people who love unicorns :)

:bulletred: Only the media folders (Traditional Art, Digital Art, etc.) are open to submission. If your art fits the content folders (Non-Equine, Anthro, etc.), the moderators will copy it there.

Need a visual tutorial on how to submit?

Current Activities:
Our Journal!
Submit to our Gallery!
I'm finally finding new energy and enthusiasm to put toward getting the world out about Wildheart! Tris and I are only just beginning to realize how hard his accident hit us. It's a year later now, and we're finally starting to take action to live the life we want again, rather than just hiding out in the family home :D

So, to celebrate, here's some new pictures of Wildheart, and a link to my listing on Etsy. It's really nice to turn my mind to something positive and start moving forward again, and Wildheart matches that positivity, I'm proud to say :-)

front by Esseld

front close by Esseld

inside front by Esseld

map and chapter 1 by Esseld…

Got a book or story-related project of your own? Please share it in the comments! When I have time, I like to run fiction features in my journal, so if I really like your story, you might even get a dedicated post. :hug:
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angelpichu1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ooohh, i never knew a group like this existed. i love unicorns! i have a bunch of porcelain ones <3
MoonriseUnicorn Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Writer
Thanks! Glad you like the group! :)
angelpichu1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you're welcome <3
ghstkatt Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016  Hobbyist
Cool gallery  especially like the anthro unicorns in your collection, and I happen to like anthro unicorns.  R.U. Avatar 
MoonriseUnicorn Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Professional Writer
Thanks! Glad you like the gallery! :)
ghstkatt Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist
No prob.
ghstkatt Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist
No prob.
Giizma Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016
Thanks for adding me to your group!Sorry if I submit my unicorn in wrong directory :(  
Fhaolan Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for requesting my Swiftwind sketch! :)
tenchibaka Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016
i have two unicorn anthros here;
dusting of snow adopts OPEN by tenchibaka

could this be added to the club?
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